Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini courses of study vs. mini lessons

My grad students and I have been reading articles about small group guided reading and writing instruction.  While guided reading groups are more common that writing groups, both are essential components of helping students acquire the strategies of independent readers and writers. 

Below is a a repost from TWT.  Even if you are not one of my grad students, you should check it out.  The author compares taking a cooking class with becoming a chef!!! The connection with "gluten free" initally caught my eye; however, I am glad I took a deeper look as it is really a post about the need for connected small group instruction!

The author propses that our small group instruction should focus on "mini-courses of study - 3-6 small group lessons, bundled together to provide kids enough practice on a larger concept so they can achieve growth." Bottom line: your mini lesson is like taking a cooking class.  It is NOT enough to make you a chef!

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