Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Twitter Powered Teaching

Over on Ed Week, Peter DeWitt wrote quite an argument for Twitter!

While Peter is 1.5 years into the Twitter revolution, I'm 8 months along the journey and still enjoying the SHARING but PETER who is a bit ahead of me on this journey is now concerned with "too much sharing and not always a lot of talking."

Peter suggests, "The way we engage with each other on Twitter has ramifications for our students."  He goes on to question, "Do we listen to our student's ideas? Do we listen to our colleagues? Or do we share our knowledge and walk away?"

YIKES, Peter, you got me thinking and questioning my own patterns on Twitter.  I usually comment WHEN I share -like today -  but not always.  I usually think and reflect a bit before passing on - case in point - but no talways.  I really appreciate the energy and information shared through Twitter.  It is an outlet and a forum that has enlarged my own PD and offered me insight into the thinking of others who are not publishing in Reading Teacher or NCTE journals! 

I will take your thoughts into consideration and not just pass on - without reflecting and commenting - unless I am in a real hurry!  Sometimes that happens you know, these are busy days for teachers!  Twitter might just be all we have time for this year! 

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