Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opening Day SOL#1 SliceofLife2013

Soon it will be Opening Day for local fisherman who will arrive early at local streams sitting patiently beside the lingering chunks of ice hopeful some long suffering fish will forgot the pitfall of a worm floating lifelessly in the icy cold water, 

Soon it will also be an Opening Day where eager players and their fans will converge on chalk lined fields and ready-to-go courts. They will proudly don sparkling clean uniforms and arrive laden by bags filled with bats, mitts, balls, cleats and rackets.  They will stretch, swing, catch and warm up in hopes of soon catching hitting and kicking balls of various types and colors. 

Today, March 1st, it is Opening Day of another sort.  We're writing those first powerful posts the eve before and will be arriving at our computers early filled with anticipation and excitement just like those who sit beside cold streams and those who pop on brand new uniforms.  We've been thinking about it for weeks with a growing sense of nervous excitement.  We'll be spending a lot of time together during this writing season as we exercise our fingers, minds and our "writerly" eyes and share glimpses of our lives. 

Power up your mouse 'cause today is opening day - SOL 2013!     


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

That's such a great way to think about today - Opening Day for SOL! It has such a nice ring of optimism and new beginnings!

Mrs. Rowe said...

Yes - I've been so excited to get started. Hoping so much that this motivation will carry me through the month! (yikes!)

elsie said...

I had these same thoughts today as the news showed the trout fishermen standing in the water on opening day. I much prefer sitting on my couch with a laptop than standing in freezing water. Fun piece!

Nanc said...

I love how you connected it all and this in particular:
will be arriving at our computers early filled with anticipation and excitement just like those who sit beside cold streams and those who pop on brand new uniforms...cold streams- may everything flow for you this month, I loved your first one.

Anonymous said...
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BK said...

Greetings Anita,
And we are off! I love your opening day connections and of course, this one is the sweetest!

mr_aytch said...

I really enjoyed how your opening day slice focuses in on place -- that meditative aspect of returning to a place and knowing what it's for and finding purpose in it is not always clear and it takes a sharp eye to find it. Thanks for your comment on my own first slice as well, Anita! Looking forward to the days ahead.

Ruth Ayres said...

I enjoyed your comparison of the challenge and calling it "Opening Day."