Friday, February 8, 2013

Where will you go during winter break?

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This poster, from the NYC library, has been circulating through Pinterest and Facebook.  I sent for a copy to get some of us through the dark days in February when SOME of us (who did not make non-refundable plans to go away) will spend cold winter days with those kids whose parents did not make non-refundable plans to go away!  Yes, I will be one of the teachers working while some of our students and some of our colleagues are on the beach, in a plane, over in Europe, or flying with Dumbo!
So, while the snow swirls around me this morning, let me share my plans for those "give back days" thanks to Sandy:
  • I'll be having a "beach" party theme in my little reading room. 
  • A tiny sandbox to write in will grace one corner of the room.
  • Some lovely leis will be available to wear during reading times.
  • I will get some sandpaper and us it to "border" or reflections and writing about the effect of Sandy, the storm, on our lives and our winter recess. 
  • I'll be wearing a NEW pair of "flip flops" (and maybe a pedicure!) 
  • We'll be "traveling" to some exciting places thanks to some great texts I found and adapted for my students featuring the the elevator at the Eiffel Tower, surfing in Sandy Hook, NJ (hard hit by the storm), eating pineapple in  Hawaii, and sailing around the world! 
It'll be my way to "get away" without going any place while thanking "Sandy" for those extra days in our school month!  

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