Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Wonders

While driving home,
I was thinking about the raw winter wind
 howling around my car
The seemingly endless darkness,  
The temperatures below freezing
for days
The commute would be unbearable
Without my heated seats!   
Yet, as I drove by White Pond,
my spirits lifted. 
There, in the shadow of a sliver of moon,
out on a scraped surface of the pond,
were hockey players who had found a way
 to add joy and excitement to this cold winter day.  
I suspect they were wrapping up their game
Most standing around, leaning on sticks,
 They seemed happy and satisfied
with the wonders of a winter evening! 
As I stopped to take in the sight,
I realized that beyond them were others
who realized the evening was just perfect for fishing. 
In fact, the pond was alive and happy,
 just as exciting as on those hot August nights!
I'm reminded that while winter is long, cold and dark,
there are wonders if we just stop to notice. 
I'm glad I did.
I finished my commute
Made my way home
With a smile
 Reflecting Winter's Wonders!   


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I loved the turn in this, that moment of realization that the pond was humming with happy life, even in dreary winter. Often, things are not what they first appear to be, and it takes a writier's eye to pause that extra moment. Great slice!

newtreemom said...

Made my way home with a smile... a lot of power in using that writer's eye to notice, isn't there?

Linda at teacherdance said...

This is a lovely slice, Anita. I'm glad you took the photo too so we could enjoy a bit of the pond excitement. Winter does have rewards for some, doesn't it?

Terje said...

"in a shadow of a silver of moon" - this line promised magic. I was right, you caught the wonders on a pond. I like winter. I like the snow and cold (if it doesn't last for months). I don't like driving in winter. Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I will go ice-skating. I hope that you catch more moments that make you smile in winter.

Amy Rudd said...

Noticing made your day-joy in the little things when we take the time to notice! Thanks for sharing this's so neat to see this little piece of the world!