Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graduates: You'll lead the way!

With a little help from Dr. Seuss, here's my message to teachers graduating today :)

 Today's special,
A happy day,
You’re ready
You’ll lead the way!

With brains in your head
Feet in your shoes,
You’ll lead students
Through classics, news.

You'll use magical books,
and cyberspace,
You’ll meet people,
From all over the place!

You’ll find a way,
To do: Interactive, Guided, 
Independent Reading,
Interactive, Guided, and
Independent Writing
Each and every day!

Sometime in your career
You’ll find a program or book
That doesn’t make much sense.
Some weeks before payday
You may have just 50 cents!

You’ll activate, collaborate, consult, review,
You’ll have consultants and mentors
Who say they know better than you. 
Remember we all have lessons that flop,
Yes we all do!

Students and parents will ‘challenge’ you.
Some administrators will have ideas
That make you ‘stew’.
My advice is:
Focus on students.
That’s what I would do!

With wisdom gleaned from studies,
Strategies from journals, Pinterest, books,
You’ll figure out how to make it work,
When faced with eager looks!

When you find yourself overwhelmed
By the ‘rat race’
Take a walk or read a book
Find some reflecting space
Keep reading, learning:
Children’s, teacher books,
Journals, newspapers, Twitter, too.
Be a ‘critical consumer’ of fads,
But always be open to new ideas
That is what I would do!

So, be off on your journey,
Remembering at least this message
From the end of my spiel! 
Our students forget much of what we say,
But they never forget how we make them feel. 
I’m proud to call you my Colleagues,
I’m honored to have helped with your preparation,
I know that kids will be fine
Under YOUR administration!

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Amy Rudd said...

Wonderful and timeless advice for any teacher!