Saturday, May 11, 2013

The power of words

It's the end of Teacher Appreciation Week and so I really should be posting something about all the great "gifts" I've gotten this week (papers to grade, notebooks to read, emails to answer....) but before I put MY words down on papers this morning, I'm sharing some words that are a profound reminder about the power of what we say and do.

Please head over to Sandy McClure's post on Reading Today (May 9th).  Every teacher should read it.  Yup, EVERY teacher should read it!* 

The post, The Power of the Early Reading Teacher, is a beautifully written tale of the power of a teacher's words to change the future (not always for the better).  McClure wrote about her first grade teacher's life-changing words, “You even missed the same problem!”....McClure has held onto those words for a lifetime commenting, [those words] "single-handedly transformed a little six-year-old girl from a child who could barely contain her enthusiasm for books and learning, to a child who absolutely dreaded each subsequent school day."
Thomas Jefferson suggested, when angry, count to ten before you speak.  If very angry, count to one hundred! 

* Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, coach, friend, colleague, neighbor........should read it!   

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