Monday, May 13, 2013

#Slice of life 2013 Giving, Growing, Grooming and Grateful

Perhaps, somewhere, a mother
Adored, perfect in every way,
Never set foot in the kitchen,
Had breakfast, in bed,
Opened gifts, jewels, 
Headed off for a day, alone,  
Happily, not me.

 I made muffins,
Giving to a mom, who eats little.
I planted flowers,
Growing, tending, a reason to go outside.
I provided a pedicure,
Grooming, pumiced pale pink polish!
I washed dishes, laundry,
Gratefully sharing tea,
Assured of crisp sheets, clean clothes,
That's me.
I prayed for
Those longing for a mom, motherhood,
Happiness, perfect lives,
The one I made a Mom,
Those I made an Aunt,
Those who make me a Mom,
Those who make me an Auntie.
Thankful for them all.
I talked, texted,
Facebooked, Tweeted,
Grateful for conversation,
Bamboo battles, cars, careers,
Grateful for time shared,
Dreams, gardens and fish tales,
Grateful for time,
Patience, parenting, caring, giving
All year long.
Grateful for the kind of love
Not found in a box,
Grateful for my life.   


Sue said...

That is beautiful & exactly what life's about being great ful for time. Happy mother day

Linda at teacherdance said...

Wonderful words, Anita! It looks like a perfect day to me, with those you love either in person or on the phone or texting. It was such a lovely weather day here too-summer is coming! Happy Mother's Day one more time!

Anonymous said...

I love the movement and energy and sound of this writing almost as much as I love the delightful content of your day.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Just lovely - and I love the last three lines.