Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reading Today: Movement Supports Reading Instruction

I guess I am violating my personal "online limited use agreement" by sharing some great ideas in Reading Today. However, Stever Reifman's post is pretty wonderful and besides, I have decided that while I need to spend more time with my treadmill (and did this week), I also need what I get through my online PD life!

Reifman talks about "brain friendly processes" and suggests that incorporating movement and or music is a great support in his soon to be released book.  One idea, “concept-embedded” movement,has students move around bringing the content to life. The second idea is that music can help the brain learn. He asks us not to share anything specific so I won't; however, I this article is a strong reminder that learning is an active process that requires building and strengthening connections in our brains!  I really think you should go there and read his suggestions and then get his book!

PS I do not know Reifman and this is not a paid advertisement for his book; however, the whole subject reminds me that what is "old" will certainly be "new" again, someday!  Hanging above my desk is a 1906 poster that long ago was used in classrooms to teach children (in one room schoolhouses) music and perhaps even syllables.  It's haning now my little office where I spend a lot of time supporting reading instruction, the prettiest lit-tle par-lor I did ev-er ev-er did spy!      



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