Monday, April 29, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 Unplug and Read

This week (April 29th-May 6th) is unplug week!  It's not turn off the TV, it's "unplug" week!

When I was growing up, there were only two electronic devices in the house, one 45 rpm record player and one small TV.  Yet, my mom was often heard saying, "Turn off those I Love Lucy reruns!"

When my own kids were growing up, the record player had morphed into stereos and boom boxes and the TV was bigger and filled with more temptations such as Jerry Springer! Yet, our antennae kept the cable networks at bay and, while it was not a popular stance, video games were outlawed!  Our family computer sat in the living room to be shared by us all!  (There was lots of moaning and groaning at our house!)
Unplug! Artwork by Bob Staake, author of BLUEBIRD.  Celebrate Screen-free week: April 29th – May 5thToday, our homes are ambushed with hundreds of channels (not that there is much worth watching) and music streams endlessly from multiple devices.  There are laptops, tablets and phones filling our hands and minds at every moment of they day.  There are more electronic games than I can even count!  We have a level of connectedness with each other and the world that was unimaginable not too long ago and it would take quite a while to "unplug" all of our technology!  While technology is not going away, there is one thing that has been constant through the years, the power of a good book! 

So, take that book you've been wanting to read off the shelf or download something on that Kindle, but do your best to unplug everything else this week, as we focus on the enduring power of a good book and enjoying the warm spring days! 

I'll let you know how I do next week! 


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

That's a worthy goal...I save weeks like this for summer. But I shall have to try it at this time of year, too.

Anonymous said...

You have shown so much about the differences for the generations in this short piece. I think it must be impossible for those born into this connected world to imagine a world that was so different, just a short time ago.