Thursday, April 11, 2013

Professional Development: The Destination

Long ago, I read professional journals for about 15 minutes with my coffee before I got the family going for the day.  These days, as I have noted before, I allow myself 1-2 short professional reads usually linked from my Twitter feed before I get on the virtual (and then theoretical) treadmills of my day!  This morning, my Twitter feed took me over to Edutopia!

Elena Aguilar talks about the challenges of and models for professional growth summarizing the "effective ingredients" as "The Destination" and the direction of how to get there as "The Road Map."  In the article Aguilar writes, "We now have very clear descriptions of which skills we're trying to build. We have a focus. And by staying focused and having clear goals, teachers are making fast growth." 

I smiled as I finished the article, noting to myself that adult learners learn best when the professional developers have a focus and clear goals!  While it sure sounds like this SHOULD be obvious, it SURE needs to be stated!  Thanks! 

PS If you are a PD person, an administrator, a team leader or you care about your school, check out Aguilar's book , The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation (1)

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