Saturday, April 6, 2013

Please Say It Isn't So! (Test Prep Classes for Elementary Kids)

I did NOT send my kids to Kaplan,
Yet, I did encourage sleep before high stakes tests
(I'm still hearing about the missed Knicks game)
I did not rant about the implication of scores,
Yet, I made them breakfast,
Reminded them of strategies.
I do not focus teaching to tests,
Yet, I do prepare students
Testing formats, strategies,
How to make good guesses,
What it feels like to not know an answer,
To persevere.
We learn to read by reading
Comprehend through discussion
We learn to write by writing
Craft through texts
Stamina through practice, praise
Strategies through our mentors.
Sorry Kaplan,
We do not need elementary test prep courses
Our kids will learn the formats,
Risk-taking, confidence
Our kids need focus on
Learning, living, and playing
After school, on weekends.

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Suzanne Ferreri said...

Than goodness for that test, because that was Michael Jordan's last game played in Madison Square Garden...and it was SPECTACULAR.