Sunday, April 7, 2013

Planting Seeds and Watching Them Grow

As I was reading "my blogs"this morning, I was thinking, reflecting and pondering my own teaching.  I am in the "busy" and not always fun season of teaching these days and sometimes, I do not feel like I give any of my "students" all I could.  Yet, when I reflect, I remember that I do not GIVE them anything; rather, we plant seeds and share strategies, watching, learning, guiding.  We do not know it all - NONE of us; yet those of us who watch and learn from children are among the wisest of all.
I remember why I teach when I read what my students write.  This one is from Ms. Diller, WOW!
Reflections from today's writing lesson...Did you know
that your students
know more than you?
Did you know
that you will never
know everything?
Did you know
that by thinking you're
the smartest person in the room
you are cheating yourself
and them?
Did you know
that you can learn
more in one lesson from them
than in any professional development course?
Did you know?

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