Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teach Hub: Information, graphics and inspiration

I've been viewing and using bits and pieces from Teach Hub for a while now

I realize National Library Week (April 14-20th) technically ends today; however, this great infographics from Teach Hub (one of my new favorite sites) is pretty neat and the information contained in it is worthy of our reflection as we plan for instruction during the other 51 weeks of the year too!  They said to feel free to share their graphic so I am sharing it here; however, I strongly suggest you visit the source for a better view! 

Teach Hub has great short video clips that I am using to help my students look closely at their environment from the perspective of litter. The video was a powerful discussion starter and led off the mini writing unit. Even if you, like me, didn't really get National Library Week off the ground for your kids, there is always hope for Earth Week resources over at Teach Hub!

While I admit that I find the "slowness" of the site frustrating, when I finally get where I want to go I am always grateful I waited for the site to load! Mostly, I find the site the be a source of ongoing professional development. 

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