Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Wappingers Derby

Participants paddle at the Wappingers Creek Water Derby on Saturday.Participants paddle at the Wappingers Creek Water Derby on Saturday.What were you doing on Saturday morning?
I'm not sure what YOU were doing, but while I was putting the finishing touches on a First Communion veil for one of my nieces, some of my family were out on the cold, dangerous, rocky Wappingers Creek embroiled in a battle to be the fastest to traverse the "rapids" and make it to the finish line!  Part of me wonders what part of them determines this to be fun; however, the rest of me wanted to join them in their battle to defend the family name and make it upright to the finish line.  Over in the green canoe is Emily,  She's a multi sport athlete!  Over there is the red canoe is my Godson, Nick.  He must be inspired from a higher power than me as he drove HIS canoe to a second place finish!  Godspeed.

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