Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#sol2014 On Monday Morning

The morning light was just clearing away the darkness on Monday morning and I was stopped in traffic (as you can see from the brake lights in the picture) while listening to 880 radio news repeat sad, but real, updates on Isis, Ebola, and traffic. 
To be honest, my thoughts were scattered like glass on a tile floor as I sat there not-so-patiently that morning, making mental lists of what I needed to do to get through the day.  There were doctors to contact and Caremark prescriptions robots to call.  There were caregivers to address and agencies to contact.  There were papers to grade and progress updates to complete for meetings.  I stared at the brake lights ahead and wondered if I should have stayed home just to get it all done?
Then, those scattered thoughts seemed to focus on the back of the car ahead of me.  It wasn't a normal sports car, that was for sure.  Its brake lights were huge, too bright and perhaps even a bit obnoxious; yet, the back of the car was incredibly sleek and to be honest, a bit "sexy" in its appeal.  So........
Stopped in traffic, I pulled out my cell phone to get a closer look at the kind of car sitting there in front of Al (my car) and me.  Zooming in...........perhaps a metaphor or what I needed to do to get through the day.......I realized it was a Bugatti sitting there, just like me, waiting for the problem to clear.  
I wondered where the Bugatti was headed.  I wondered if he/she had a mental list for the day, like me, or if they had some sort of computer in that car that made the list from your thoughts!  
I wondered if he/she had struggled to find warm clothes on this first cold morning, like me, or if they had an orderly closet organized by some "housekeeper" who season and color coded their clothes.
I suspect our lives are vastly different; yet, at 7:15 in the morning, that Bugatti driver and I were "connected" for a brief moment in time.
I suspect I really needed to "stop" for a moment on my commute in order to focus my scattered self and prepare for the day ahead,
I suspect the Bugatti driver may have "needed" to slow down and take in the moment too.   
When traffic, or life's events make you stop in your tracks, I guess it really doesn't matter how much money you make or what kind of car (Bugatti, Maseradi, Mazda) you drive or how many lists you have (or where you keep your lists).  You stop and focus, a little more clearly, on the path (or the car) ahead!   


LInda Baie said...

Love your imagination, Anita. Yes, traffic stops everyone, no matter the car or the $. You remind me of the saying, everyone zips their pants the same way. Although I guess it used to only refer to men, I think you'll get the point, & you just created your own wonderful fable.

Terje said...

I liked following your trail of thoughts.
I often have moments like this on a train, thinking where the people are heading, what they are thinking, what's on their to-do-list. I doubt that people who own Bugattis travel by train but who knows.

Tara Smith said...

Loved following your trail of thoughts - what a sight to come upon! They are beautiful cars.

Teachers for Teachers said...

Love this piece -- crafted so I felt like I was right there with you. Loved how you built the tension and then realized there was nothing you could do except focus. Thank you