Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#sol2104 Notes and Phone Calls

On Friday afternoon, moments before dismissal, on the eve of a long weekend, at the end of an unannounced observation, a student asked me if he had earned a "happy note."
I suspect I looked like I didn't understand (because I didn't)!  So HE leaned in and offered, "You know, the green polka dot note that makes me and my mom happy!"
I thought about the power of a note all the way home.  Taking home that physical piece of paper (with green polka dots) made this student and his mom happy in a way no email could!

Then, yesterday, after days spent beside the sickbed, as I wrestled with my own guilt about undone chores, as I struggled to get ready for the week, on the end of a three day weekend, I got a phone call!
"How are you," the little voice asked.
I suspect I sounded a bit surprised and at first I wondered if it was a wrong number; however, it became clear that the call was intended for me!
We talked about Elephant and Piggie, what we had done on our day off and how we were feeling about life.  That little voice certainly cheered me up  in the way no email could!

The "central message" I took from these events sandwiching my long weekend is this:

While social media keeps us all connected, 
Phone calls, notes and letters have the power to reach out and touch us all.
Small acts of kindness can indeed reap enormous benefit.


Laura said...

The letter, the note and the phone call are not replaceable, although sometimes the email is quick.

Your post challenges me to think about sending more personal messages home (would that my students would ask for them!).


Dana Murphy said...

So true! As much as technology has done for us, nothing can replace a handwritten note or a phone call! It's just different - more connected than any blog or social media site or email could ever be.

Stacey Shubitz said...

I'm such a big believer in picking up the phone. I'm not a fan of texting since it's so impersonal. I'd much rather hear someone's voice if I cannot see them. (Or read their handwriting!)