Saturday, October 4, 2014

#celebratelu Impulse Purchases and Little Voices in our Heads

This week, I celebrate "impulse" purchases 
and those little voices in our heads! 

"You don't need him," the practical side of my brain reminded me as I tucked a huge teddy bear into my already laden Costco basket. 
"The kids are going to love you," I thought as I buckled the seat belt around his soft belly Monday morning. 
"I hope you won't be too much of a distraction," the practical side of me wondered as we drove down the interstate listening to the morning news together.  
"Grandma's old rocking chair will be perfect for you," I thought as I nestled Beary into the rocker and put a book in his lap.  
"You can model what good readers do," I told Beary sternly as I got ready for the day, "no goofing around when the kids are here."   

It's been a few weeks now, and Beary has become an integral part of "Reading Club."  He's more focused than I could ever have imagined and is either busy with his own reading or busy watching over the readers and writers who come into and out of our room!
He's always has time for a "good morning" and to listen to the stories of his friends. He eagerly holds onto take-home-book-bags so kids can focus on their reading or writing!   Sometimes, he nestles comfortably next to reluctant or resistant readers and encourages them to take risks and stretch their own reading (I wonder if they can hear his voice in their heads?).  He listens attentively to reader responses and usually sports a "good job" sicker or two, gifts from his friends.
People stop by in the morning, on their way to lunch, and on their way home to check on his progress or to turn the page of his book for him (He may need some OT to help with fine motor issues).
On Monday, I'm told, he will begin writing Beary's Book Blog. I think his first post will be about that ol' familiar tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I can hear his little voice (in my head) composing that first post!      


LInda Baie said...

I think this impulse is moving reading along more than you even imagined, Anita! What a wonderful idea. Also, I wonder if you haven't found an idea for a lovely picture book! Welcome, Beary!

Margaret Simon said...

Some impulses can lead to the greatest of additions to a classroom. I bought a Hedwig, the owl from Harry Potter, to inspire a student who was struggling with writing. He has added an element of comfort to the classroom that I could not have expected.

Terje said...

May be you didn't need Beary, but your readers certainly did. I love how Beary has become an active member of the community.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Beary found his home in your classroom. It seems as if he belongs there. And he is a blogging bear?!?! How lucky are you!! Can't wait to read his blog!

Deb Day said...

LOVE this. What a terrific impulse buy. I'll bet he will have great stories to tell.

Tara Smith said...

Looking forward to hearing more about Beary's adventures in your class, Anita. He certainly looks very focused.

Loralee said...