Saturday, October 25, 2014

#celebrately2104 Perhaps I was a little scared

As I reflect on this busy week, I realize that even though my sinuses are working overtime and I am exhausted from my day "off," I am also excited about the "challenge" ahead and reflective as to why we all need to "step away from the classroom" and into the role of "learner" every once in a while.

I took a bit of Dayquil before I headed to the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) conference yesterday and sure was glad that I could "override" the side effects of the little-people in my life who graciously share their colds. I wondered, for a bit, if I were too ill to go....but, perhaps, I was a little scared?

Of course, you have to "prep" to take a day off (if you are a teacher and caregiver) and then there are the logistical issues of carpooling and traveling to a "new" location by 8 AM.  Between all the work and the cold, I was thinking it was not worth all the, perhaps, I was a little scared?

The presenters talked fast about the magic they had created with Google Apps and the potential to transform learning environments.  I took notes, on my tablet and contributed to a shared Google Doc about the day, but I also jotted a few things in a notebook. ........perhaps I was a little scared of remembering it all?

I am embracing the challenge of becoming a Google Educator even though I have a longer, steeper learning curve than many.  I am NOT a digital "native" and thus that "intuitive" part is not really there.  I have to have some explicit instruction, guidance, and feedback in order to "navigate" this digital work.

Certainly, I was disappointed I did not win the Chromebook give-away.

Certainly, I am a little scared because that is HOW we ALL feel when we are learning something new outside of our comfort zone.  

Certainly, I inadvertently sent a Google Hangout request to my "virtual friend" Linda Baie. Sorry about that. But, certainly, I would love to do that someday!

Certainly, I am reminded that my response is similar to my students, reluctant readers and writers, who do not find navigating the reading-writing world "intuitive." 
Certainly, it is easier to stay in our comfort zone, avoid risks, and avert failure.  It's hard to embrace "new" roles, relationships, and routines.  Even if you think you want something, it can be overwhelming when you finally have it!  

Perhaps, Certainly, Perhaps, Certainly I am a life-long-learning and I will get "there" - wherever it is I am going - with a little scaffolding, guidance, help.....  


Ruth Ayres said...

Your post captures the certainty that learning is messy and takes true grit. I'm certain you will make it through this learning trail!
Thanks for celebrating,

Holly Mueller said...

Anita - I think it's wonderful that you're taking risks and learning new things. Learning new things keeps us relevant in the classroom - our students count on us to be role models, and you certainly are!

Michelle Haseltine said...

Good for you!!! I think the "scared" feeling is where the best learning happens. I've worked with google in the classroom a little over a year and it's amazing! It's also hard and new and a lot to learn, but I feel like it's worth it!!! Thanks for this terrific post!

LInda Baie said...

We are readying for the Google apps stuff at our school, Anita, & there are varied responses. I imagine that in all the other things we're responsible for, one more thing to learn is challenging. Don't worry about your invitation. Now I'm sad that it wasn't real, because I was in the midst of meetings and had to reply 'no' to you. Maybe some day we'll really have a Google Hangout! I think it's great you went to learn. Step by step is what it's always about.

Terje said...

You are experiencing all the natural feelings of learning. You probably know that the great Aha-moments and joy are awaiting ahead too. Keep learning!

Cathy Skubik said...

It is refreshing to be a learner and identify with our students, yes it is.
I tried Google hangout over the summer and the time it worked was invigorating, the subsequent time it didn't made we want to scream. I wanted to never try again it was so maddening.
I wonder how many times my students feel the same.

Carol Varsalona said...

Anita, life is full of changes. It is great that you are taking a risk and normal to feel "scared." Think about your students and how they feel trying out something new and give them insight to your feelings to model what it means to be a risk taker. I love Google Hangout so maybe someday we all can try it-10 people at a time. Want to take another risk? Check out the information on the Finding Fall Gallery that I am inviting writers to participate in => ad