Friday, October 3, 2014

Revising Bulletin Boards

Thanks to my partner-in-learning's deep search on the Fundations Web site, 
We have an academic, interactive, and "wise" bulletin board!  
These October-themed "Echo" characters really were buried deep on the site, 
under Wilson Academy, Prevention/early Intervention, 
Expert Tips, Archives School Year, Don't Be Tricked By Trick Words!
It's worth the hunt if you are using Wilson/Fundations
And Baby Echo is on your "friends" list!
Thank you Mrs. Fulgieri!

We had a "Wow" or two on that first bulletin board of the day;
however, late in the day, we began to Revise that bulletin board!
We may be Wilson/Fundation aficionados;
however, we are still deeply rooted in the Reading Writing Project thinking.
Thus, we Draft, Revise, and Edit many times,
even when we are "writing" a bulletin board!
Perhaps this should be referred to as
"A Fundations/Writing Project Merger!"

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