Monday, June 24, 2013

"Bone Tired" is a Wonderful Feeling

My husband claims June is the hardest month to live with a teacher (he should know)!

We pack a lot into those days before our long-awaited-summer- vacations start!  We give tests, compute grades, write reports, and compile mounds of data that will sometimes be scrutinized and other times ignored.  We wrap, pack, organize, and weed out classrooms while reflecting on the year, writing curriculum maps, moving classrooms (or grades or schools), and making Common Core aligned plans for the future (in 8 weeks)!  We think about packing 2 days into every one day and finishing up curriculum goals while simultaneously wondering about the only profession that starts "fresh" every September! 

The kids are "antsy" and unfocused as the temperature heats up and events such as field day signal the end is near.  At times, kids are clingy or engage in misbehaving to signal their angst over "moving on up"!  Parents want to talk, one last time, reflecting on the year winding down and the wondering about the years ahead.  Administrators are filled with angst as they juggle questions about this year, next year, now, then, who, what, where, when and why!  Teachers work late on assessments, reports, IEPs and folders.  Most teachers are pretty wiped when they get to that last day with kids and yet, there are staff development days ahead!

This year, my own our "end-of-year-June-experience" also included: 1 preschool graduation; 1 elementary school graduation, 1 middle school graduation; 1 high school graduation; 1 end of the year party; 1 sweet 16 party; 1 retirement; 1 celebration of career; 1 celebration of moving up; 1 clebratin of moving on; 1 momma-daughter day; 1 play-date (with a 5 year old!); 1 brunch; some dog-sitting; some very big decisions; a couple of family gatherings; 4 birthday parties; many visits to rehab facilities; and a more complete understanding of the surgical repair and rehab of complex hip fractures. While all that sounds like it should have ADDED to the "challenges of the month, it actually had a somewhat different effect forcing me to add a little "sugar" to the "salty" tears and to smile as I reflect on the many wonderful, complex, intersecting aspects of a complex, full and happy life. 

As July days of sipping raspberry tea on the porch as well as writing, reading, and supporting teachers comes into focus, I am very glad that my life is full of people I love and care about.  I am 100% sure that "bone tired" is a wonderful feeling and evidence of a full life of living, loving, sharing and care-giving. 


LInda Baie said...

Your husband is right, June is so-o-o busy. We don't have staff development at the end, but a long prep in August, so I did finish sooner than you, Anita. All those other things add to the mix, but joyfully as you've said at the end. What else can we do but celebrate all the good things happening?! Thanks for the sentiment!

elsie said...

Holy cow you can cram a lot into a month! I hope you get to take some time to sit back and relax before it all starts up again.