Monday, June 10, 2013

#Slice of life 2013 Senior Boot Camp

Last week, Amy wrote a priceless SOL about her children using the mentor text, Fortunately by Remy Charlip.  I do not yet have the book, so I guess I am using Amy's  post, based on Charlip's text, as my indirect mentor text this week as I write, once again, about my aunt's adventures after breaking her hip!  I suspect all this sounds complicated; however, living, loving and learning, too, are the complex balancing acts of family life depicted each week in our SOLs. 

  • Fortunately, she came through surgery for a reversed obliquity intertroch fracture (RevIT) easily.  She greeted her nurse with a cheery, "Oh, hi, Marie," bringing tears to not only Marie's eyes!  
  • Unfortunately, RevIT repair requires patients to not put any weight on the leg/hip for a month so her recovery will be delayed! 
  • Fortunately, our Medicare system has a system called "rehab" that provides senior citizens "places" to heal for 20 days for "free."
  • Unfortunately, finding the best-for-your-loved-one "rehab" is hard and ultimately location and cleanliness are factors that can trump the "rehab" part!
  • Fortunately, there are many "rehab" options in our the local area.   
  • Unfortunately, most "rehabs" might be more accurately called spaces where people are awaiting placement in "nursing homes."
  • Fortunately, she still has not only her marbles, but also her sense of humor, "It's like boot camp for seniors, and  I never wanted to go to boot camp!" 
  • Unfortunately, she's there for many months "learning" the Hoyer lift, butt up the bed slide, and hopefully, some day, as the leaves begin to depict their full-color potential, the senior walker shuffle.
  • Fortunately, I was there as she endured the "entry" exam that required her to remember things she used to know before spending a week in suspended time, and that invaded body parts only seen by airline screeners. 
  • Unfortunately, I was not there when she endured the Hoyer-lift-roller-coaster-ride and the physical therapy team's debate about the best plan for her.  
  • Fortunately, "a family's support helps you get to the next level" whether you are headed off to college or to boot camp for seniors!     


Anonymous said...

I love the structure given by the mentor text. Such a struggle to get through life. She is fortunate to have your support.

Kay said...

I think you must share your aunt's sense of humor. The structure of the fortunately/unfortunately contrasts reveals the bright side of this tough recovery.

writekimwrite said...

I know it is a blessing for your aunt to have you there to help her negotiate this current obstacle with love and humor. Best to all on this long road.

Nanc said...

I so glad you were there for her. I wish you more fortunate than unfortunate in the healing process. XO

Nanc said...

I so glad you were there for her. I wish you more fortunate than unfortunate in the healing process. XO

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I loved that last "fortunately" - a family's love and support gets us through so much.

Linda at teacherdance said...

Your upbeat manner of writing all this must be helpful for your aunt too, Anita. What a time you all have had, especially of course your aunt. Best wishes for a very fast recovery!