Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not So Happy Places

It started off as a normal hot, humid Saturday morning with some time reading my blogs and tweets, a wee bit of laundry, a little vacuum action and the running of errands.  Yet, the regular day ended at 10 AM with the message, "Aunt Gert fell."
Truth be told, I knew from the first message that the path ahead was not likely to be one I wanted to travel.  When you are 90 and you fall, the words broken hip appear in the same sentence more often than not.  Yet, I said calmly and confidently, "Let's take this one step at a time.  We need an ambulance because you can't move and an x-ray to see what is wrong." 
At the hospital, we were not alone.  There was a 90+ year old with 2 broken hips and an 80 year old with just one who arrived around the same time we did! There were kid with concussions, people needed stitches and a host of other emergency rooms events to "hear" as we waited for a room to await the inevitable life changing surgery. 
Yesterday, I did a "blogger reader response" about my happy places, but today it's the emergency room.  No matter how you "slice it" it is not a happy place.  


Julie Johnson said...

The emergency room is never a fun place to be. I hope your Aunt Gert is doing better today and that she heals quickly.

Stacey said...

Emergency rooms are horrible places to be, especially if you're the patient. I hope your Aunt Gert heals fast (which I know is hard when you're 90).