Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Binder and Other Scary Dreams!

I think we all have a few scary dreams that haunt us at points of our lives.  In HS, I used to dream that I showed up at my locker ready to take off my coat (you always wore a coat in Albany) and realized I forgot to get dressed.  Fortunately that never really happened.  I have had many, many dreams that I overslept or forgot to go to work and fortunately, so far, that has not happened either.  My husband still has a recurring dream of chasing a plane down the runway!  Too much traveling some would say - but it's a scary dream none-the-less! 

These days, as I am learning from my colleagues, many teachers are having what I will call "scary binder dreams!"  Here's how it goes:

You walk into your end of the year conference and the administrator, we'll call her Ms. Admin, turns around slowly in her chair to look at you and as her face appears in your line of sight, you realize that her face has been taken over by Freddy Kruger.   Instead of the smiling, how do you think your year and goals went conversation you were expecting, you hear the croak of, "This binder was empty.  How am I supposed to say you are Effective?"
You reply shakily, "But it was full when I turned it in last week?"
Ms. Admin just laughs, not her laugh, but Freddy's......and then you wake up!    

I am turning in my binder tomorrow in preparation for my own meeting next week; I can only imagine what my weekend dreams will be like!   

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