Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teachers Write What are you doing this summer?

Sometimes, on the summer porch,
the breeze is so lovely 
you have to slow down.
You forget about the oppressive heat,
stacks of used glasses and piles of sweaty clothes. 
You notice the leaves fluttering slowly
next to you as you sit eye-to-eye;
a serene spot for reading, writing, talking reflecting,

It’s when you remember sitting on another porch,
long ago,
proud to listen quietly amidst wise women,
Voices long quieted, yet alive in memories,

It's when your mind wanders to the future,
You pray that you can stay on the porch
to make summer memories
for those yet to be.

* I am participating in Teachers Write along with about 1111 teachers who realize that you have to "walk the walk" if you want to "talk the talk"!


Tracey Ferreri said...

Beautiful!! Brought tears to my eye, happy tears, of some of those memories, oh just to sit with them once more.
Lets sit on one of our porches soon!!

Cathy said...

You made me want to sit right down on the porch with you. I wanted to listen to the conversations from long ago. As I read I couldn't help but wonder what interesting conversations may happen on your porch in the years to come.