Sunday, June 23, 2013

NY Times: Obsessed with Technology

Obsessed with technology - are we? I don't get the NY Times because there are too many pages and it costs too much 90 miles north of Manhattan  But, I do read parts of it online - a readily available bargain on my tablet Kindle - and wonder how many people really do feel tablet computers are the same as TV for kids in the last generation?

I could make quite a case for the differences; however, I suspect the author's point is most accurately a call to parents (and teachers) to focus on the delicate balance between human interactions and screen time.  While I was known to disconnect our old TV antenna when the TV became an obsession and definitely abhor pulling the phone out to check messages at dinner, the advantages of our new technologies is they GIVE far more than those old I Love Lucy reruns of my own youth and the snuck in "Jerry Springer moments" of my children's youth!   SO now that there is NOTHING to watch on TV, we just need to make sure that we find and keep the balance. 

My own suggestion for keeping the tablets under wraps is to "misplace" the chargers! 

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