Saturday, June 8, 2013

Going somewhere

If you have ever found yourself sitting in a chair, car, (or booth in Friendly's) trying to make a big life changing decision (like where to attend college), you can relate to this post. I am sure there were "stakeholders" voicing thoughts about where your needs would be best met, and there was talk about costs, payment methods, and the ease of visitation. There was angst that each place had merit and yet some drawbacks.

Perhaps you can relate to the signing of papers paving the way to car, house or even dog ownership! Remember thinking that your heart was beating outside of your chest? Remember the feeling of, "Will I be able to handle this new responsibility?" 

You might remember the feeling of not knowing where the road ahead was leading, but that you were headed somewhere. I remember the way my heart pounded when we left the church that Saturday morning as a "new" family unit and when that heartbeat meant "our family" was growing. You too might know the stifling feeling of realizing that medical science did not have an answer and that you or those you love were headed down a new path.

Such is my feeling this morning as I dig deep into my heart and pray I make the  right hard decisions determining next steps for someone who has endured much.

I'm reminded as I sit here awaiting the next steps that we are all going somewhere all the time. Our lives are always changing and evolving.  However, it appears clear to me that at all of the big crossroads of life, it's best if you have someone with you on the journey.

So today, I will sit and wait with her because we are going somewhere to begin a "new" chapter. I can't believe that going to rehab at ninety feels just like going to college at eighteen or buying a house, but somehow it does.  The hard reality, however, is that this experience may be far more like heading to "boot camp" for senior citizens. 
While I am on it, I might as well do some deep reflection and make some big life-altering decisions myself this weekend. Let's start with something small like, what should I do with the rest of my life?

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