Friday, December 30, 2016

Great Books For Middle Grade Readers

Although my recent teaching focus has been with "beginning" readers, that has not always been the case! I have not only a "soft spot" but also "excitement" for the world of "middle grade" readers. Those are the years when "readers" really begin to read for their own enjoyment.  Those are the years before the "pressures" of HS and AP English classes can "force"so much reading that at least for a few years, there is little time or energy to read for fun!

So it is was with GREAT excitement that after spending a morning laying in bed reading and an afternoon with my "own" middle grade reader, I found my "virtual" professional friend Michelle Knott's list of GREAT middle grades books for 2016 on my Twitter feed..

So, Grace, this list is for YOU, your friends, and for all the other middle grade readers, their parents and their teachers.

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