Monday, December 26, 2016

Twas after Christmas

'Twas two days after Christmas
Under the trees, it was bare,
The once overflowing fridge looked
As if, the Grinch had been there, 
The laundry was piled
As high as the trees
And the vacation chore list
Was blowing in the breeze.
The gym, it was empty,
The streets were quiet too,
Perhaps everyone
Had the post Christmas blues?
It was then that I remembered..

Christmas and Hanukkah had arrived
Together this year,
Encouraging us to think of peace
Hope and good cheer,
The lights from candles,
And decorated homes around town,
Seem to be reminders we all
Need to slow down.
The hope and promise of miracles,
The thought of families at play
Serve as holiday reminders
Soak up, appreciate, and enjoy today. 

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