Friday, December 9, 2016

Through my window

I was "stopped" on the highway the other morning as they cleared away a not-too-serious, very-annoying, multiple-vehicle, fender-bender event. I was listening to the news repeated at 8 minute intervals and had concluded that nothing newsworthy was happening anywhere.  It had been and was continuing to be one of those "slow-moving, hard-to-get-going, no-much-happening, throw-in-some-roadblock" kinds of days and my mind was adrift as IT appeared.

So very slowly, at first,
Like an orange on the horizon,
A small dollop of bright hope,
That blossomed like
A fire in a newspaper factory!
I was mesmerized by its majesty
By its beauty,
By its reminder of the potential
Of a new day
Filled with
The adventures of Frog and Toad,
The excitement of students
"Breaking" the code,
Amazing facts about Chester Greenwood 
(inventor of ear muffs),
Multiple readings of
How Do Dinosaurs 
Say Merry Christmas,
And slobbery kisses.

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