Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#sole2016 From here

These are the chairs where we sat
Not long ago on summer nights,
Reading, talking, sharing,
Gifts, ghosts, from Christmas past.

Today, they sit empty
Except for 
Holly-burlap-festooned decorations,

If only they could talk:
They would tell of looking forward,
Of lights, families, love,
Hope this holiday season.

They would tell how 
They, at least, are ready 
For a holiday rolling in
Like a great storm on the horizon.


Becky Leff said...

I admire your chairs! I'll bet they look awesome festooned with holiday trappings.

Linda B said...

So pretty, Anita, poignant too, and I like it a lot. Yes, that storm is on its way! Hope you enjoy it no matter what doesn't get accomplished!

Joanne said...

Nice thoughts - Chairs waiting for family and friends!