Wednesday, December 14, 2016

OLW: Persist

I selected my OLW this year, or perhaps my OLW selected me, on a dark January day when my emotions were so scattered I didn't want to get out of bed BUT I wanted to move to Bora Bora (wherever that is).  I finally got up, maneuvered ice-slicked highways to work, and reflected on the day that and then I noticed my OLW started appearing.

"So glad you got here safely," a colleague commented.
I persisted I thought.

"I'm really good at that book now," one of my readers grinned.
We persisted I thought.
"He slept almost through the night," a proud parent crooned.
You persisted I thought.
"I'm going to persist, whenever the going gets tough," 
I thought
As I drifted back to where I began the day.

I've had many, many opportunities to "use" my OLW this year as I have settled an estate, moved to a new state, and pondered the state of my own life as well as the state of our country. Today, I used my OLW about 1,000 times as I tried to convince a person on the phone that I really did have an account at their firm and that we could solve this problem - working together!   It's been a year of goodbyes and sad endings as well as new faces, chapters and beginnings.  Many-a-day, I've used my OLW to pull up my boots and get through the day.  Many-a-day I've faced challenges that have brought me to my knees and emotions that have brought me to the edge of my sanity.  Yet, as this semester (and year) winds to a close, I'm glad I did not stay in bed that day and I am really glad I did not move to Bora Bora.  I'm reminded there are good books, warm hugs, and slobbery kisses for those who persist. The number of end-of-semester papers/projects is declining and has almost reached single digits!  I'm closer to a closed out estate, solved brokerage-puzzle, and I'm confident there will be peace-filled days for all of us who persist through the tough chapters of our lives, our states, and our country.   
We have two choices when the going gets tough: to bail or to persist.  I'm glad I keep choosing to persist.  

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