Monday, December 19, 2016

#sol16 Mighty and Miraculous: Words Matter

I was sorting through cards
Trying to find one that would 
Sum up my year, state-of-mind,
My hopes and dreams for others.

"Merry Christmas," too cheery,
"Happy Holidays," too formal,
I settled on 
"Joy and Peace"
Knowing that was a mighty wish
For me, for my family,
For my state, for my country,
For our world.

Yet, this holiday season,
When Hanukkah and Christmas
Merge into a season of
Multiple miracles,
We are reminded
Our words matter.

Words can
Alter the course of lives,
Detour hopes and dreams,
Provide hope for the hopeless,
Provide comfort for the distraught,
Be mighty powerful,
Be miraculous.

Yes, our words matter.


newtreemom said...

Words do matter. I love the ones you settled on.

BK said...

Yes, Anita, words do matter. Let's pray that our new president changes his ways and takes his words more seriously.
Nah, forget that. It won't happen.

Adrienne Gillespie said...

Joy & Peace. Let those be our guiding principles for 2017.

Terje said...


Teachers for Teachers said...

You cannot go wrong with joy!! I went with Happy Everything! Enjoy the holiday season.