Saturday, December 10, 2016

Smelling Memories

Three years ago today, I wrote about decorating my 10-foot, artificial tree with ornaments collected over the many decades we were a family.  I read the post today as my "roots" were changing colors and my hair salon buzzed with discussion of trees, decorating and family traditions.  I listened and did not join in the discussion as my own definition of family has fractured, changed, grown, and morphed in the past few years.  I sat listening, reading, and reflecting my words from such a different time in my life.

"Today, I realized that Christmas is not about keeping things the same.  It's not about the tree, either.  It's about love - the kind that sees you through good times and not so good ones.  The kind that connects and protects families.  It's about the love that permeates the air when there is a tree filled with memories.  The smell might even be better than pine scent!"

I'm so glad I took the time to write about my thoughts that day.  I needed that memory today (thanks Facebook).  I am reminded that this season is indeed about the kind of love that connects and protects families.  I am pretty sure I smelled the scent filled with the potential of memories amidst the hoards at Home Depot where I bought yet another extension cord to try and fix my lights.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I will get a might be plastic and it might just be I can smell those memories.  

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