Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Advice: When you are looking for love

This "poster" really caught my eye.  It might be a "result" my job as a professor in a graduate school that puts me in the proximity of men and women who are often madly "in love" or in the "throes" of a "break up."  Typically, I redirect their attention to the educational lesson at hand and remind them that we ALL have to find ways to put our "baggage" into a safe spot while we do our jobs.  I use the analogy of the surgeon.  I still want her or him to focus if they are going to be inside ME.  So, when I saw this poster, it really made me think about the baggage we all have.  Perhaps, it is an interesting way to look at / look for a partner on this journey through life.  If we are lucky enough to find someone who can help us unpack,we are indeed lucky.   

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pamelahodges said...

I still have several suitcases of baggage that are unpacked. Writing helps to take of the items and discard as needed.