Friday, August 24, 2012

Bucket Lists

"What's this," I asked innocently.  My "bucket list," he responded as if everyone had one.  There were nearly 100 things (ride a motorcycle, get a truck) on that bucket list.

I've been thinking about such lists lately, perhaps because of my birthday, but also because of the many losses, unexpected turns and significant changes in life.  I've started to think about what I would put on such as list that I haven't gotten around to doing, yet.

I still yearn to see the great cathedrals of Europe (although Easter vigil at St. Patrick's in NYC is pretty amazing).  I'd love to spend an entire summer reading and collecting shells at the beach (not that I need to read more books or collect more shells).  I hope to be read to my my children's children  (although truth be told,  I have already massed quite a few miles reading to little ones who as special as anyone on earth).  I hope to teach a few struggling readers the strategies of lifelong readers (been there and done that, just want to be able to do it again).  I'd like to share what I have learned in my teaching career with the newbies whose enthusiasm and energy amaze me and remind me of my own (I get to do that every semester through my grad school teaching and through this blogger-space).  

One thing I am sure of, I am glad I did not "stick" to the list in my head when I was 21! Then, I just wanted to get a job and have a family.  I could not possibly have imagined, then, the wonderful options this life would offer.  While my paths through family, marriage, parenting and even teaching have been challenging with tears as well as smiles, I am stronger and appreciate those special days of life more because of them all.  Another thing I am sure of is that I have had a bucket full of good things in my life!  I could say I have a full bucket!

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