Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Age, Wisdom, Gift of Time

When I was half my age,
I worried about growing "older,"
I fretted about wrinkles and lines,
I was saddened when grays popped through,
What was I thinking?
I didn't yet know they were badges of honor,
Reminders of miles traveled and battles won,
Evidence of taking on the gauntlet, again and again.

While I struggled with potty training,
I worried they might be in diapers,
Learning multiplication facts and spelling words,
Or mired in teen angst, forever,
What was I thinking?
I didn't yet see the paths they were blazing,
The adventures, the excitement, the potential
  That some day we might be friends on this journey.

When I was a newbie teacher,
I agonized over finding a job, earning tenure,
Finding ways to teach them all,
I worried I did not know everything,
What was I thinking?
I didn't yet realize the more you know,
The more you realize what you do not know,
That we either become old and stagnant,
Or live as lifelong learners.

While I prepare for this new year,
I will seek to make each day memorable,
Thinking about the gift of time.


Donna said...

Perfect. It is surprising to find that as you get older, though you have learned so much more, you know even less of the world than you thought you did when you were younger. But it is then that you realize you were meant to be a lifelong learner, and that's better than knowing everything!

Michelle said...

A great reflection heading into the new year and oh so true! Time is a precious gift and some days we want to rush it, but in reality, it's about a memorable moment. Treasure and share!

Linda at teacherdance said...

It's really a lovely reflection. I love the repeating phrase "What was I thinking?" Time does go so quickly & we are good if we notice. Thanks for the reminder-a good poem to post in my notebook!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Anita. I loved the repeated use of the question in each stanza. This poem is a fantastic, well-needed reminder that age brings us wisdom. (Oh, and those gray hairs I stopped pulling are badges of wisdom. Thanks for that!)


pamelahodges said...

I will seek to make each day memorable,
Thinking about the gift of time.

And thank you for the gift of your poem to remind me that today is a gift.

maria.selke said...


I'm still somewhere stuck in the middle. Finally got my hair colored for the first time to hide the grey...