Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can We Make People Want To Do Something Hard?

Can we make people want to do something that is a little bit hard for them?  Teachers (as well as parents, doctors, friends....) spend a good deal of their time trying to make people want to do things they really do not want to do!  Read, write, diet, exercise, paint the attic, mow the lawn, go parasailing.....we all try to make others do things "hard things" they really do not want to do!

So when this short video came through on my Twitter feed this morning via Amy,  I started thinking about its broader implications.  It REALLY depicts so much more than just a way to get people to walk up stairs rather than take an escalator!  It really depicts the power of suggestion to the human mind and thus it is a message to teachers, parents and others as we prepare for a new school year!

I'm thinking about how I can make reading more appealing than playing video games right now! 

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