Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthdays Celebrated and Misplaced


Some birthdays were easier to celebrate
Mom was born on Christmas,
There was always a celebration,
Her presents were wrapped in birthday paper.
His Mom's day was the Fourth of July,
There was always a celebration,
Blueberries, watermelon and hamburgers.
Barbara's day was earlier this week.
The memories are bittersweet,
We used to celebrate our days-apart-birthdays together.

It's easy to lose other birthdays,
As we engage in the busy process of living.
My Son was born at the peak of summer vacation,
It was hard to organize a friend-party.
My Daughter was born in the middle of field hockey,
Parent teacher conferences and hurricanes!

His day,
Is at the tail end of the summer,
After a month of many birthdays,
As football and other fall-family passions peak,
During his softball championships,
At the edge of the very busy first days of school,
It's hard to have a "full-on" celebration,
When your birthday is "misplaced." 

Yet, they are all special,
Commemorating the traversing of life's gauntlet,
Not to be forgotten or taken "for granted"
They are a time to do what brings us peace,
To celebrate life,
Even if there is no one else around,
Even if they are "misplaced." 

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