Friday, August 10, 2012

Special Ed Teachers: Connecting Through Blogs

Through my PLN - professional learning network - I have been exploring the web big time this month.  Through a Twitter feed, I came across this is a list of 50 blogs that are recommended for special ed teachers. The source is

"While being a teacher is never easy, working with students in special education comes with some unique challenges. From writing lengthy IEPs to working closely with parents and other teachers, it takes a calm, collected, organized, confident, and very special person to work with students who often need a great deal more support and assistance than their peers to succeed. Yet even the best special education teachers can use a little guidance, inspiration, and information to help them to be even better at what they do."

Yes indeed.
Check it out:

I loved.......but please check out the entire list of resources - and bookmark them for the busy days ahead.
  1. Teachers at Risk: Teacher Elona Hartjes, a teacher of the year, shares resources and advice.
  2. Successful Teaching: Advice on classrom management and more! 
  3. Special Education and Learning Differences: Tips and ideas
  4. The Cooke Special Education Blog: Ideas for special needs children.

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