Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Connecting: Don't Assume

At first glance, what do you see?  On the surface, you see a family who eats a lot of hummus and is consumed by their technology.  On the surface, they seem unable to connect with each other.   On the surface, this is a sad, sad picture of the state of our lives.  On the surface, this picture would make you cry out for the "good old days" before technology interfered. 

If you made those assumptions, you were wrong, at least on most of them!  Here is the "rest of the story."  This is a family that "connects" in person just a few times a year; however, they connect almost daily via Facebook Scrabble. At the time of this photo, they were loading apps and preparing for another Scrabble game (the old fashioned way - on a cardboard game with wooden tiles) after a day of fishing (the old fashioned way - in canoes).  This is a family that does eat a lot of hummus with taco chips, pretzels and veggie sticks and then drinks a lot of grapefruit Pelligrino after a "long, hard" day on the lake pretending to be catching dinner and at the table playing Scrabble!

Message: Don't Assume ............................................

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