Thursday, August 23, 2012

What did Bill and Melinda Gates do this summer?

I started a post about Bill Gates earlier this summer after I linked to their blog through one of my own summer blog-linking-reading-mornings in early August.  I never finished the post because it was about a somewhat unusual topic and I was not quite sure how to make it fit my own education-centered blog's framework. 
Like most Americans, I was aware of some of the philanthropic works of the Gates Foundation; however, the extent of their research was beyond my limited awareness.  When this Tweet came through, I "saw" the connection to my own writing, reading and thinking about living in the 21st Century blog-world.  
So as the summer winds down, I want to share just a little bit about what the Gates family did this summer.  After all, students, since the beginning of time, have heard this familiar refrain:
                Write about you did you do this summer 

Bill attended a very unusual summer fair in Seattle that grew out of an initiative "to tackle the problem of sanitation in the developing world."  The challenge was to Reinvent the Toilet!

Personally, I read a lot of books, walked a lot of miles, swam a lot of laps, rode some waves, taught a lot of students, and ate a lot of fresh vegetables.  I really feel like a loser next to Bill Gates!  My response would have been BORING!  Bill, on the other hand, has a "small moment" to write about that will really get people talking!    
PS.  Check out the other innovative work they are doing with their money through their blog.

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