Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inspired by Charles and Colby!

My SOL buddy Colby Sharp mentioned Charles Jones in his post.  Now Colby often inspires me in the morning, but this morning's quote was a keeper.  I can't say I knew who Charles was, at first, so I Googled his name.  Then, I remembered.  Boys of 67: The Story of a Few Good Men.  I read that.  It was not my usual kind of read, as I avoid war and soldier stories, normally.  It was suggested I read this, and so I did and it changed my reading life and who I am, today! 

Boys of '67: From Vietnam t...
“You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.”
Charles Jones

This other quote (found in my search) is also pretty close to my heart.  I was having a bit of (an unnecessary) pity party yesterday.  A broken boiler and a clogged toilet had challenged my elder-care regime.  My back to school blues were building.  My house and my car were both filthy and my syllabi unfinished as I sat waiting for a boiler repairman!  I had tomatoes to can, or at least I thought at the time.  Now I am reminded to slow down and to try to enjoy the journey.

Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.”
Charles Jones, Life is Tremendous    

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