Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sharing Thoughts About GRAMMAR

My morning PD read was here:

It sure got me thinking!

I really like this sentence from Curzan's article:
"It is valuable to distinguish between: (a) writing that shows a student may not be aware of the expected conventions of standard written academic English and/or may not yet have developed a sophisticated academic style; and (b) writing that shows a student has not taken the time to proofread for typos and the like."

Curzan, suggests we circle or underline such issues in student writing rather then crossing them out and then write notes or questions in the margin asking students to go back and take a look at their own writing style and conventions. 

My own experience is that we can model and teach mini lessons on style (e.g. parallel construction in sentences, standard subject-verb agreement) just like we teach onomatopoeia!  Good writing is (as Charles Schulz noted, hard work and not just about exciting leads!   

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