Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Lazy, Hazy, Book-Filled Days of August


As I turn the calendar to August, I look over to my stack of "to-be-read" books; yet, others, think about their kids who have not yet, opened a book!   I suspect required summer reading has the potential to create a shared community of background knowledge, right from the first day of school; however, I am glad that my list of summer personal and professional books comes from suggestions rather than mandates. 

I wish we could give kids lists of books they would stay up all night to finish.  I wish I had started a  summer book talk blog that would be and avenue to share what we like and dislike in books.  Certainly, those could be bridges to academically challenging required books that we unpack and share, together, in school.

Yet in the lazy, hazy, mosquito filled days of August, we can still do many things:

  • Make time for reading for everyone in the family.
  • Visit your public library and ask the librarian for suggestions. 
  • Start a book club with a friend or two.

Personally, I am glad my principal did not assign Chaucer for the summer! 


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