Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faded Photos: Cocktail Edition

I'd been deep in days of cleaning, clearing, de-cluttering, and closet organizing (that's why I am posting this SOL a day late) when I came upon some priceless, fading photos of ladies, who blazed trails and broke through glass ceilings long before women's liberation was conceived.  While I will never know the whole story behind this photo....

I can surmise that my Aunt and her friends are very pleased with themselves, sitting on purple velvet, sipping martinis, setting the stage, perhaps, for an evening in the city. 

I suspect that life circumstances, personal drive, and strong backbones helped each of them forge professional careers in worlds dominated by men. 

I wonder why are they drinking (and smoking) in what appears to be a library?

I am pretty confident that only one of my blog-readers will recognize only one of these ladies!

Wouldn't if have been great if they had blogged about the slices of their lives? 

PS This is a day-late-slice-of-my-life!

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