Tuesday, April 24, 2012

During the Hardest Days

During the hard times
When life seems unfair,
To confirm convictions
So that I can begin to understand
Better, even a little better,
I write

During the hardest days
When the pain of loss is greatest,
I pray for strength and patience
For a sign of hope,
That I can make the days ahead
Better, even a little better,
I pray


jyk730 said...

I know for me that writing and prayer always helps me during difficult times.Thanks for sharing this poem with us. I hope you are ok.

Terje (grade4wizard) said...

The poem has both pain and hope. Strong feelings. I wish you will find the strength and patience.

elsie said...

Writing and prayer, two powerful mediums to use in our daily life. I hope you are okay.

Anonymous said...

You hit home for me, Anita. I'm so sensitive to your themes.

BTW,did my friend Jackie get back to you with info for our upcoming workshops?

Amy Rudd said...

Yes, writing and praying both help on our hardest days! Thankful we have the right to express our feelings and pray too!

Anonymous said...

Your poem gets to the heart of the matter...

pamelahodges said...

Better, even a little better,
I write
Better, even a little better,
I pray

Beautiful repetition. A strong image.
Working to make your situation better by writing and prayer.
I pray you are well.