Monday, April 16, 2012


Aretha sings about it. 
In sports, money seems to equal it.
In education, who you teach seems to determine it.
In some states, how your students do on a test helps to compute it.
College professors (who typically earn less than public school teachers) have it! 
Public school teachers (compared to private school) have more of it!
High school teachers (compared to elementary) have more of it!
Suburban teachers (compared to urban) have more of it!. 
Primary grade teachers have less than middle school teachers!
Kindergarten teachers are near the bottom of the pecking order.
Special education teachers pull up the rear. 

In kindergarten or special education,
It may be the hardest job of all,
Some days,
But other days,
It's middle grade teachers who deal with hormones,
Other days,
 HS teachers who deal with college acceptance and other life changing decisions.
Some days,
Those who work with students who find learning challenging
It's sad that even among teachers,
There is not always RESPECT for the jobs we do! 
That's why we aren't in a better position to garner support!
Yet, all of us who teach or profess our sentiments and beliefs
Are professors!

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