Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Be a Teacher: Might As Well

It sounded like a good idea at that moment and she figured the long summer breaks would give her time to work on her running.  She might even have time for a triathlon if she was not working a corporate calendar!  The coursework seemed pretty easy for the most part and her classmates were not stressing over tests; thus, she might as well try education.
She went on only one interview and the recruiter was impressed with her bilingual status resulting in a job offer on the spot!  There were quite a few second language learners and thus she was an important resource to the other teachers, translating and supporting kids whose English was still pretty limited.  Within 3 years, she had left her inner city job for a spot in the 'burbs where her translating skills got limited - if any - use.  She went through the motions, doing what she was told to do by administrators and staff developers. She attended a workshop one summer offered by her district but for the rest of her decades in the profession, she did just what she needed to do to get through each day and each year.  Sometimes, she reflected on that fateful day when she decided to be a teacher, but not often.  It was a job that paid the bills even when she no longer ran every day.  At this point, she might as well be a teacher.   

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