Sunday, April 29, 2012

What are you reading? Just Grace for Real Grace

Thanks to my Kindle reader App, I am sampling LOTS and LOTS of books these days.  It's a joy to be able to sample SO many books while snuggled under a blanket on my couch.  In some ways, it's like the old days back at Borders Books in the kids section when I would pull the chair right up to a new release section and fumble through books for a few minutes (which I miss dearly)...but in some ways, I have to admit I have "access" to even more for now....I am loving the App and its potential to show me what's out there in the big wide world outside of my mountain! (Of course, I am also buying LOTS and LOTS of books these days...but that is another post in and of itself!)
Recently, I found this series....Just Grace, by Charise Mericle Harper.
Just Grace
The title initially caught my eye because there is a very special Grace in my world but the series is worthy of this post and a purchase because it is VERY creative and a VERY good read!  Just Grace is a spirited character who faces the very real joys and challenges of an 8 year old living in today's world.   In addition, she is a reader and a writer who shares her own love for creative writing with her readers!
I love the "zine"comic type books that Just Grace makes and encourages her readers to make! Zines are just like the tiny books my very good friend Mary Lynn taught me to make!

Ivy's Zine

PS to the Real Grace,  I can assure you that you will be reading about Just Grace this summer. You are going to LOVE her! 

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